9 thoughts on “Northern Lights

  1. Hi, Finn. I’m Joelle from Mrs.Kriese’s class in Texas.

    I REALLY like the part in this blog when you compare the lights to a caterpillar. I’ve also ALWAYS wanted to see the norther lights, have you actually seen them IN PERSON? If so, was it cool?

    My blogs URL is http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/joelle4260/ if you wanna visit it.

    See you later, Joelle

    • Hey, Joelle.

      No I haven’t seen the norther light but I really want too though me Mom and Dad has seen them. I wish when am older I get to see the norther light, when your older do you want to see the norther light?


  2. Hey Finn,
    Wow this is amazing writing! If that image wasn’t there I could totally just picture it in my head. The part when you say slow like a caterpillar makes total sense! I would love to see the northern lights in person. I bet they are as beautiful as in the pictures.
    Have a wonderful day,

    • Hey Kayley
      Thanks for commenting on my blog Kayley. I really wish when I’m older I could see the northern lights but my mom and dad has seen them. Do you want to see the northern lights when you are older?

  3. Hi Finn
    I think this is an amazing picture. I really want to see the norther lights. I really like how you say that the fireworks light up the sky. I think when you said moving slowly like a caterpillar makes a lot of sence.
    have a great day,
    Sincerely Connor

    • Hey, Connor
      Thanks for commenting on my blog, Connor. I was really happy what picture I chose too. When you are older do you want to see Northern lights? you can watch a video on YouTube to see what it looks like and how it moves around in the sky.


  4. Hi Finn,
    You chose some really good words to put into this blog post 🙂 I really like the picture that you chose to add. I hope that you will post more poems like this!
    Have a turtle-filled day
    Sincerely Chloe

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