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Hi, People!
My name is Finn. I’m 12 years old, I’m in grade 7 and I live in Comox Valley. Just to let you know this post is mostly about sports that I play.

Here are some things I enjoy…

Playing my ukulele and guitar
Drawing cartoons in my sketch book
Playing baseball

Baseball is my favourite sport to play. I love to practice it and play against other teams. It has always been in my family and I will never stop playing it .
This summer I went to a MLB game in Seattle. It was really cool. Safeco was a huge stadium and it was my first time every seeing a professional baseball team play live. I watched the Seattle Mariners vs the Los Angeles Angels. The Mariners almost won, but the Angels squeaked out a win. Since the Angels were playing I also got to see Mike Trout play. He was pretty cool to watch. He’s one of the best MLB players and could end up winning MVP for the third time this year.

I love to play volleyball too. I’m on my school’s team now, but I really want to play club volleyball afterwards. That’s the more competitive community team that happens after the school league is done.

I used to play a lot of soccer, but it took up a lot of time and I wanted to focus on baseball more. I sometimes play road hockey with my friends as well.

What are your favourite things to do? Do you enjoy any of the activities that I like to do? Feel free to let me know!

See you on the blog, Finn

29 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Finn. I’m Henry from Mrs. Kriese’s class in Texas. I can see that you really like baseball and I do as well. Are you currently watching the World Series this year. I am. Ideally like the Dodgers which are in the World Series. So I hope to see more posts about you soon. If you’d like to visit my blog, I’m at http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/henry86812023/.

    • Hey, Henry
      No, I’m not watching the world series Right now, but I might? what is you favourite positions to play and who is your favourite team to watch?
      See you on the blog

  2. Hi Finn
    It is really cool that you got to see a MLB game in Seattle . I Have been to Seattle three times and also wen’t to a baseball game it was when I was really young so I don’t remember. who won the game when you watched it.

    • Hi, Braxton. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It’s cool that you been to Seattle 3 times. I’ve only been there once. The Angels won.

  3. Hi Finn!
    I learned a lot about you in this post! I didn’t know you used to play soccer! Baseball sounds really fun, and it sounds like you really enjoy it.
    It must’ve felt so cool to go watch a real baseball game, and see some of the top athletes there!
    I’m on the girls volleyball team at school, and I’m enjoying it too. I’ve never tried volleyball before, so I think it’s good I’m on a beginner level team, and it’s really fun.
    It’s been cool getting to know you more!
    Happy blogging!

    • Hello, Gabi
      I never new you played soccer before. I do really enjoy playing baseball and it felt amazing the to get to see professional baseball league team play, have you ever seen a professional team play?
      See you on the blog

  4. Hi Finn,
    I think it very cool you’ve seen Seattle play a baseball. I have seen the blue jays play in Toronto twice but never the mariners play. I also like to play soccer but I don’t play volleyball. I enjoyed your post. Have a great day.

    • Hey James.
      Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. I was wondering what team were the Blue Jays play against, and if you can remember who won the games. Are you in REP or house for soccer? Do you like to play any other sports other then soccer?


  5. Hi Finn, it’s Jaben
    I’ve Always wonted to go to a baseball game. Baseball is my favourite sport too, I’m hopeing to play this year because I couldn’t last year because of my taekwondo schedule.

    • Hey, Jaben
      I’m so excited that you might play baseball this year. I really hope you enjoy playing it. I never new that baseball was your favourite. I’m really happy that it is. Do you like to play any other sport and do you have a favourite position to play?


  6. Finn, your blog caught my eye because of the baseball at the top! I love to watch and play baseball as well. Right now, I am enjoying watching the World Series and I hope that the Astros win. I live in Texas and have gotten to see the Astros play live in Houston and at Spring Training in Florida. I am also in Mrs. Kriese’s class like Henry and Henry and I actually played on a team together. We got to travel to Cooperstown, NY to play in a tournament there last summer. I’ve been to Hawaii a couple of times and have wanted to learn how to play the ukulele. I haven’t had a lot of luck at learning the ukulele so I would be interested to read about how you learned to play in a future blog post! If you want to visit my blog it is http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/luke4282/

    • Hello, Luke
      Its cool that Henry and you played on the same team together. Its so cool that have been to Hawaii 2 times. when i’m older I want to go to Hawaii because it look like it has nice beach’s to swim in. What is your favourite team to watch? If you want to visit my blog, my Url is http://finzz2.edublogs.org
      See you on the blog

  7. Hi Finn, I’m Jackson from Mrs. Kriese’s class in Austin, TX.
    That’s pretty cool you play the guitar, I play the tuba. I see you really like baseball I’m more of a lacrosse guy, but I can see why you like it. I’ll bet that was fun going to see a professional baseball game. Did you get any autographs? If you want to visit my sight I’m at http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/jackson4364/.

    • Hey, Jackson
      It’s cool that you can play the tuba. How many song can you play and what is your favourite song to play? I like to play the ukulele more, but I do like to play the guitar too. I didn’t get any autographs in Seattle at the MLB game , but I wish I did. If you want to visit my sight it is http://finzz2.edublogs.org


  8. Hi Finn
    I learned a lot about you in this post.
    I never knew that you went to a MBL game in Seattle. I did visit Seattle with family this summer.
    Also I never knew that you played guitar.

    • Hi, Quinn
      Thank you for commenting on my blog. Its cool that you went to Seattle too this summer. What did you do there? I just started to play guitar because I got my brother’s old guitar. Do you play any instruments?


  9. Hi Finn, I’m Joseph from Mrs. Kriese’s English class in Texas. I have a lot in common with you. I love to play and watch baseball and draw (though I’m not very good on both of those). I also like playing ukulele, but I’m self taught. I actually do play a French Horn legitly. It’s really fun because I’m in a school band and we learn many fun songs. As a French Horn player, though, we don’t really get any melody parts, we’re more the background people. In one of our concert pieces, we actually played a solo which was amazing. The song is called “Rites of Tamburo”. Search it up if you’d like.

    If you want to visit my blog, I’m at http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/joseph4343/

    • Hey, Joseph
      I can’t believe that you have a lot in common with me. do you have a favourite song that you like to play on your ukulele and your French Horn. Do you have a favourite team to watch. Thats cool the you did a solo at concert.


    • Hey, Brooklyn
      Thanks for commenting on the my blog. I wish i’m older, but it cool that your going to be 13. Do you like to play any sports?


  10. Hi Finn,
    This post is really well written. In my family baseball is really important. Everyone in my family but me plays it, but I watch a lot of it and I know the game. I have been watching it before I was born ( literally). I use to play it but now I just am focusing on gymnastic. I am also on the volleyball team at are school and I really enjoy it. I hope you have a great day. come visit my blog http://brianaz12.edublogs.org/ bye.

    • Hey, Briana
      Its cool that you Know how baseball works and how to play it. Do you have positions to watch and for gymnastics, what do you like doing the most.


  11. Hey Finn,

    I absolutely love to play baseball, i have been playing it since i was 5. i played soccer before i played baseball. now i only play it when i am at school. i plan on playing baseball until i finish high school. That means i will be playing for a long time because i am only in 6th grade. If yoiu get a chance check out my blog and finish off the story i made.


    • Hey, Hayden

      Its cool that you like to play baseball too and I also want to play baseball up intill high school or maybe I can become a major league player. Who is your favourite team to watch and if you can become a major league player what team whould you play for?


  12. Hello Finn
    I’ve played baseball before but it’s not one of my sports but I like watching baseball,
    I’ve always wanted to go to a baseball game though,
    I like playing soccer and basketball there my two favorite sports,
    I also like playing volleyball to I usually play it with my family or friends.
    Do you like playing basketball?
    Have a great day.

    • Hey, Nathan

      I never new you like to play volleyball, soccer and basketball before. Do you have a favourite team of any of the sports you play. I like to basket ball but I rather play baseball.


  13. Hello Finn,
    I had a great time learning a little bit more about you. I didn’t know you are really in to baseball. Personally, I am not a baseball player but I do play a lot of soccer. Soccer is my favourite sport and I’ve been playing it for a couple years now. How exciting that you got to go to a MLB baseball game!! That would be so much fun! I’ve been to a couple Vancouver Whitecaps game’s and they are so fun to watch!

    Have a wonderful day!


    • Hey, Jack
      Its cool that you had been to some whitecaps game, I also went to a whitecaps game too. It was supper cool when my parent said that we were going to a MLB game in Seattle. What is your favourite team to watch in soccer?
      See you on the blog.

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