The Alphabet of Me

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  1. I love playing sports and being athletic.
  2. I enjoy biking through forest trails.
  3. My favourite holiday is Christmas.
  4. My favourite movie is Daddy’s Home.
  5. I’ve been to West Edmonton Mall twice.
  6. I love caramel and s’more frappuccinos.
  7. I enjoy playing board games with my family.
  8. I’m reading the Harry Potter series.
  9. I live on an Island.
  10. I can juggle scarves and I can almost juggle three balls.
  11. I’ve been at the same school every year, except kindergarten.
  12. I wish I could eat lobster every day.
  13. My favourite subject is Math.
  14. I like to watch NHL games with my dad.
  15. If I could be any animal, I’d be an octopus. They’re pretty amazing escape artists.
  16. I love pop-tarts, but my mom won’t buy them.
  17. I am determined and I never quit.
  18. A rainbow is my best soccer super skill.
  19. I want to learn to snowboard.
  20. I hope to go to Texas when I’m older.
  21. I play the ukulele.
  22. I’m playing club volleyball this year.
  23. I love Winter, especially when it snows.
  24. I have had two x-rays that have shown broken bones.
  25. There’s a creek named after me in Yoho National Park near Field, BC. Just kidding. We just share the same name.
  26. I have visited the Calgary and Seattle Zoos.

That’s me from A-Z! See you on the blog.

8 thoughts on “The Alphabet of Me

  1. Hi!
    I like that you told about yourself in ABC order. We have a lot in common!
    I wonder if you know a street in your name? I wish you would say what book number your on for the Harry Potter series.
    Come visit me and give me a comment please on my blog

    • Hi, Scofiabi.
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. I don’t know any street that’s my name, but I will look it up. For the Harry Potter series i’m reading the first book right now. Have you read the Harry Porter series?

      • Hi I am on the first book in the Harry Potter series too! In the book right now harry is getting all of his stuff to go to hogwarts what part in the book are you in?

        • Hey, Abbie
          I’m in the part when Harry is on the train to go to hogwarts so we are basically in the same spot in the book. What is your favourite book that you have read? Have a great day

  2. Hi Finn!! My name is Lorelai and I am in Abbie’s class (socfiabi)

    I love how your so athletic and energized. I take it you play soccer because you know how to do the awesome rainbow 🌈 skill. I also like the Winter season. I wish you would have included what NHL games you watch. I also wish you would have included what Daddy’s Home movie you like 1 or 2. I wonder if you play soccer? I also wonder if you go biking a lot. Please come visit my blog at Happy Blogging.

    • Hi, Lorelai
      I’m not sure what NHL games I watch but I have watch a lot. I only watch Daddy home but I do want to see Daddy Home 2, it is a really funny movie. I use to play soccer but now I’m focusing on baseball now. I don’t really bike alot but I wish do because it really fun! Have a great day.

  3. You did a good job going in order and making the words that have the specific word stand out. I wish you could have yoho national park. I wonder why you did the alphabet myself one.

  4. Hello Finn,
    I like playing sports a lot to and my favorite thing to do is track and field,I like watching the movie daddy’s home to, I play board games with my family to, What board games to you play?
    I snowboard and I want to try to learn how to ski though, I like playing volleyball to but I’m not in a club,
    my favorite season is fall or spring.
    This is a nice post about you, I know more about you then I did before.
    Have a great day.
    Sincerely, Nathan

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