Where I Live

Photo Credit: Fil.Al Flickr via Compfight cc

I live in the best town on Vancouver Island in British Columbia! The Comox Valley is made up of three main places: the town of Comox, the city of Courtenay, and the village of Cumberland. It has beautiful mountains that you can see from almost every direction with a giant glacier that the K’ómoks First Nation calls Queneesh, the white whale that saved their people during a flood. We also have lots of forests, beaches and rivers to explore.

There are so many places here that I enjoy, but I’ve chosen three to share with you.

1. Locals  Restaurant at the Old HouseImage result for local's comox valley
Picture from Locals website

If you ever visit the Comox Valley you should check out Locals because they make really yummy meals, which are all made from scratch. That means every time you order something, it’s made slightly different, which is neat. All of the food they use there is from local farms in the area.  That is why it’s called Locals. I’ll warn you when or if you go there, make sure you have some cash in you wallet because it is a little expensive, but remember it is super delicious. My favourite things to eat there are the cream of chicken soup and the chicken pot pie with a crust of potato slices on top. For dessert I like to choose the dipped chocolate banana popsicle.

2. Goose Spit                                                             

This is my picture

Goose Spit is one of the nearby beaches. It’s really sandy and when the tide goes out you can walk pretty far. There are also fire pits there that you can use from May to October. I love to go there and roast hot dogs and make s’more cones. What’s a s’more cone you ask? It’s a sugar cone stuffed with a layer of marshmallow, then a layer of chocolate and then another layer of marshmallow. You wrap it in tin foil and put it on the rack above the fire. Once it heats up everything inside the cone melts and you unwrap it and eat it! Yummy in my tummy! We go there when it’s sunny like a lot of people, but my favourite time to go there is when it’s raining. When it’s stormy and high tide, big waves crash into the shore and the driftwood breakwater making the water sometimes splash on to the road and your car if you’re down there and that lucky. Before the breakwater was built the driftwood logs would often end up on the road because of the windy storms. The storms are fierce there and the wind makes it hard to stay balanced sometimes. It’s so much fun. When it’s really windy, but not stormy you can also see kite surfers down there and if you kayak or canoe off the end of Goose Spit you can sometimes see orcas in the bay.

3.Oyster River

Oyster River is on the northern edge of the Comox Valley right before you get to Campbell River. It’s really fun to go swimming there in the summer. There are big potholes in the rocks that you can sit in and in one of the holes there is another littler hole on the side that you can swim through. There are also places that you can jump off into the water, but you need to be careful that you jump in a safe spot where it’s deep enough and there aren’t rocks. The water is a little chilly so it’s best when it is really hot out. There is a slow current so you can float a little ways, but parts get really shallow. It’s pretty awesome place to visit in the summer.
this is a picture that my Mom took.

It’s hard to pick only three places to share with you because this really is the best place on Earth to live. I chose these ones because I have really good memories from them and hope if you ever visit Vancouver Island and the Comox Valley you might get a chance to enjoy them too.