Death in Space: Death by Space Craft Emergency Exit 

This is the best video ever. when you watch it you’ll start laughing a lot. I choose the Second one (Death by Space Craft Emergency Exit) and here is what I rote about it.

Death in Space from Thomas Lucas on Vimeo.

After two months in space orbiting Mars, Fred and Titus were running out of things to entertain them. They had already tried bobbing for apples in zero gravity, but it was a lot harder than it looked and since they only had freeze-dried apple slices, it wasn’t as much fun as they thought it would be. They soon ran out of ideas and they were worried about wasting too much food. It’s not like they could go to the grocery store. So, they decided they would have some fun playing Truth or Dare. Fred dared Titus to prank call NASA headquarters. Titus accepted.  

“Hello, Nasa Command Center. What can I do for you, Commander Small?” 

“Hello there. Is your refrigerator running?” 

“Yes, but I don’t understand…” 

“Quick, you better go catch it!” 

Titus quickly hung up and both of them laughed hysterically at the confusion he had just caused. It was all really hilarious until Nasa called back. They weren’t too happy with Titus’s decision to use the emergency telephone. Fred continued to laugh uncontrollably at his friend even though he was getting into some pretty big trouble. Titus furiously looked at Fred.  

“It’s your turn,” Titus said calculatingly. 

Unfortunately, Fred didn’t notice how angry Titus had become. 

“Sure,” Fred responded eagerly.  

Titus pulled out a package of freeze-dried jalapeños.  

“Hey,” Fred said, “I thought we weren’t going to use anymore of the food for fun.” 

“These are fine,” Titus replied convincingly, “These have been here since 1987. No one wants these.” 

“Ok,” squeaked Fred.  

“I dare you to eat the whole bag. All. At. Once.” 

Fred gulped. He knew he had to do it. He slowly opened the bag and brought a corner to his mouth. All 25 jalapeños tumbled into his mouth and down his throat. Instant fire blasted through his chest. Titus smirked. Sweat poured down Fred’s face like someone had turned on a shower faucet in his spacesuit. His suit sucked up his sweat as if it was a sponge absorbing water. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He needed something to help him cool down. He looked around the room. All he could find was the Tang drink he had made earlier. Yuck. He needed something that would cool his whole body at once.

Space! He quickly traveled up to the control booth. If he could land the shuttle, he could get out into the magnificent cold air of outer space. That would work! He sat down in the pilot seat, put his helmet on and tried to navigate to the closest planet. But he couldn’t stand it anymore! His whole body felt like it was in flames. He had to get out. Now!

Without thinking, he reached for the emergency exit window and pushed it open. Suddenly, he was sucked into the Thermosphere. The cold freezing air felt wonderful to Fred. If only he had attached his safety harness before exiting the ship. The last thing Fred saw was Titus regretfully looking out from their space shuttle as they floated further and further apart. 

 by Finn

Harris Burdick Mysteries: Another place, Another Time

Hey, other bloggers.
this is what I have been working on in class. it is a paragraph that I wrote from this picture.

As Atticus, Billy, Archie and Elizabeth were trying to Catch up to the train because they had mist it. the tracks stretched like a snake. a storm was about to hit them, Then lighting struck like a bullet but it hit the ocean . That was so close said Atticus anxiously, Come on lets, keep going Said Billy and so the went. They couldn’t see anything in the thick gloomy fog. Then Elizabeth pointed out in the fog “there’s the train!” But when they saw the train it was on its side in the ocean. So they went on to see there grand-parents but then they saw sharks hurtling towards them.

By Finn