My Poem’s that I wrote

Here are some of my Poem’s that I wrote from this term. I hope you like it.

Monkey Business 

He’s sitting quietly 

Happily eating  

In the perfect spot 


But I want it 

He won’t move 

I try 

I try again 

He won’t budge 


That spot’s going to be mine 

He won’t see it coming 

No, that’s not rain 

Finally! He moved 


The spot is mine 

The power of pee 

Wins again 



The Race 


Long and low over hurdles 

I am flying through the air 

Faster than the rest 


The Wind 

Wind whipping through trees 

Needles dancing in the breeze 

Branches waving away 

Inviting children to play 

Whistling east to west 

The wind is full of zest 

A tornado of leaves arrives 

To everyone’s surprise 

Circling near the ground 

Spinning ’round and ’round  

But the wind is tired and wants to go 

All worn down from head to toe 

He’s beat  

And needs his beauty sleep 

The forest settles down 

The wind has left its playground 



Burrito War 

Stomach growling 

I’m starving 

Feels like I haven’t eaten in days 

I hear the oven door open 

The mouth-watering smell of burritos fill the air 

Dinner is ready 

I pile three on my plate 


I shovel one in my mouth and barely chew 

So delicious 

I want more 

Four big bites and number two is gone 


So is my hunger 


I’m stuffed 

I can barely move 

Number three sits on my plate 

Waiting for me 

But I can’t eat another bite 

Or I’m going to explode 

The burrito wins 



Winter Day 

Snow falls on my face 

My warm skin melting the flakes 

My cheeks feel frozen 

It’s worth it to be out here 

I’d do anything for snow 

And this might be my last post to have fun blogging and bye bye