Hello? Is there anyone out there? I could use some help.

If you’re reading this, I’ve got a favor to ask. Please fill out the survey below. It’s quick and easy. There are only 4 questions. It will literally take seconds. If you would rather complete it on your device, here is a QR code to take you there. Thank you!



4 thoughts on “Hello? Is there anyone out there? I could use some help.

  1. Hi Finn, we are writing to you from Chilliwack, BC. Our names are Carson and Jayce. We are writing because we like your post and we also like baseball. We’re both 11 and in grade 5 and 6. We looked at your post and we saw baseball and we are both connected to base ball so we decided to read and comment on your post. We liked your statement about Babe Ruth it was a pleasure reading your post!

  2. hello Finn, my name is Kyla (Katherine) people mostly call me Katherine, so either one is fine, yea, great idea, i love the pineapple bookmark, did you make those, my family usually makes like homemade stuff, but most of my stuff is homemade but i don’t made!
    hope to hear from you!
    sincerely, Kyla (Katherine)
    here’s my link to my blog if you want to read some of it! sorry if doesn’t work! i still don’t know how to do it!

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